**When will the Two Witnesses Appear, during the Great Tribulation…

**When will the Two Witnesses Appear, during the Great Tribulation…

**When will the Two Witnesses Appear, during the Great Tribulation or the Wrath of God?**

There is a lot of confusion and speculations about the Two Witnesses in Revelation 11. Maybe the confusion continues because everybody is guessing who it could be instead of looking at the facts. It is important to understand that God always uses at least to witnesses to make his point and to tell us something important.

That does not mean there are only two single people which make up these witnesses.

We know that the olive tree stands for a group of people and the lamp stands stand for a group of people. So two groups of people will witness. For me it is more important to find out when these people will witness. And then maybe get to who it may be. Every body focuses on the people, but lets focus on the time.

Who is a witness for Messiah right now? It is the church and as long as the church is here, these witnesses are not needed.

Lets look when these 2 witnesses appear in Revelation. It is obvious that these witnesses are coming on the scene during the Wrath of God when the church is gone. We hear about them at the end of the seven trumpets. Therefore I assume they are part of that time period. The wrath of God happens after the the rapture of the church.

We see in Revelation 7 that the saints are in heaven and 144000 are sealed.

When the church is raptured, 1. Thessalonians 4, all believers since Adam will be transformed in a twinkling of an eye, whether dead or alive, and will be taken in the rooms Messiah is preparing for them right now, John 14.

Then the wrath of God will start and the ministry of the Two Witnesses. Neither of the raptured saints will have a human body anymore at that time. Therefore, they can not be one of the witnesses. They have to be a group or two groups of the people who have not been raptured and are either part of the foolish virgins who where only pretend Christians before the rapture or new believers.

We know that before the wrath starts in Rev 7, 144 000 are sealed. And from that group people will be the witness for Messiah. They will be from the Jews and from the Gentiles. Unfortunately theses witnesses will never be part of the bride. They will be resurrected at the end of the wrath of God Rev 20. It appears that these witnesses will be ministering for 31/2 years and will die in Jerusalem. However the whole world will be happy about them dying. These witnesses will not have taken the mark of the beast and will be killed by the the Jews. I know may do not want to hear that. If there will actually be a Temple during that time these witnesses will speak against this abomination. And will make the Jews and the fake Christians who did not make it into the rapture very angry.

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