Fools (and Jayson) Rush In

I love talking with people who see things differently than I do. It isn’t so much that I love to debate as much as I love thinking through my own positions as I talk to someone else. This morning was a good example of why it often leads me where I shouldn’t go.

I woke up to this tweet*:

I thought that was an intriguing point. I often get annoyed when things are attributed to God that probably shouldn’t be. On the other hand, I think every day is a gift from God—whether you believe in God or not. So I responded:

“Or do they?”

That didn’t seem to me to be confrontational. I don’t care what this guy believes, I am not trying to argue him out believing he woke up without any divine help.

Okay, so far so good. He doesn’t agree, but asks me why I think so.

Maybe I am not self-aware enough, but I didn’t feel that was overly aggressive.

Okay, here’s where everything starts to go sour.

Maybe this isn’t the intention, but this reads to me like, “Dear idiot. Let’s argue about the God.” It is at this point that I realize that I have been trolled and QF wants to reel me in.

140 characters doesn’t seem like a fair amount of room to have a serious discussion about the issue at hand, especially when it starts with this tone. I am losing interest.

I thought maybe i could lighten things up by pointing out that there really shouldn’t be a connection between QF’s levity and his digestion.

Apparently I am skirting the issue. QF sees blood in the water and isn’t going to be dissuaded from vivisecting this idiot.

Besides, who am I to make a joke about his tone?

Now this is getting annoying, and I have to start getting ready for work

I have no interest in getting into a religious debate on Twitter. But I don’t want to be rude. There is no reason we can’t talk without getting rude.

He was right. In a moment of complete honesty, he tells me I took the bait by responding in the first place.

I ignore his second point. I can deal with him thinking I am a stupid theist, but I don’t want him inferring that I’m insincere.

This is the point I get really irritated. If you are going to be condescending, then own it. Don’t be obnoxious and then try and come back later like it’s a joke.

This is where QF turns into an abusive boyfriend. “Baby, I’m sorry I didn’t mean it. Now come on, get in an argument with me . . . please!”

In my frustration, I forgot to hit ‘respond.’

I let him get that last word.

Well . . . I guess I didn’t really.

This last tweet is basically the bully screaming at me while I walk off the playground.

It’s a bit of a bummer, because I question faith too. As soon as I can dig it out, I will share a similar discussion I had with a dogmatic, argumentative Christian.

I can understand Question Faith’s aggressiveness, there are plenty of obnoxious, argumentative, and irritating Christians.

I’m going to tweet this to Question Faith tonight. You are welcome to respond, I have tried to be fair about our exchange this morning. I would be happy to host a post from you on whatever topic you wish.

The floor is yours. [After spending some time reading the tone of his interactions and the little regard he has for others who are too stupid to agree with him, I am rescinding this offer.]


I passed this on to Questions Faith this morning. And enjoyed these tweets.

I am not sure how I became “so called christian.”

We’re still doing the “changed the subject” thing. I didn’t have the time or wherewithal to get into a discussion like this in such a limiting format.

Also, I gain nothing through debate here. No matter who you are, you gain the right to be heard based on relationship. If you argue with a stranger, does it matter who wins? It isn’t going to change anyone’s mind. I don’t understand what the positives are in getting into a mean spirited exchange to prove the validity of my beliefs.

If you see ideas as blunt objects used to bludgeon others into acquiescence, I’m sure reasonable discussion seems like whining. When truth’s a hammer, every discussion’s a nail.

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