In the day of final judgment, every lost soul will…

In the day of final judgment, every lost soul will understand the nature of his own rejection of truth. The cross will be presented, and its real bearing will be seen by every mind that has been blinded by transgression. Before the vision of Calvary with its mysterious Victim, sinners will stand condemned. Every lying excuse will be swept away. Human apostasy will appear in its heinous character. Men will see what their choice has been. Every question of truth and error in the long-standing controversy will then have been made plain. In the judgment of the universe, God will stand clear of blame for the existence or continuance of evil. DA p 58

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4 thoughts on “In the day of final judgment, every lost soul will…

  1. Markus Ramchiary says:

    I think 2 groups in hell. Those rejecting Christ and sadly of those of Matt 7:21 who do own will instead of Heavenly Father’s. I often fall into sin. I am afraid because the more I’m aging the more I’m getting bolder.

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