This is a good thought and I wanna see my…

This is a good thought and I wanna see my brothers and sisters answers on this.

Can we get drunk on the Holy Spirit which in biblical speaking known as “the joy of the lord”

Please no debate I just wanna see where everyone is coming from with their own answer.

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  1. God is a God of order and the devil is the god of disorder and confusion. Suggesting one gets “drunk” in the spirit is pure heresy. Being actually drunk causes you to loose a sober state of mind and you loose control of your body. Many charismatic movements use this idea in their churches and ppl fall off and start laughing uncontrollably. Makes me very sorrowful to see such a horrendous act take place in the buildings were we are suppose to praise and worship our Lord. This is my thought on it.

  2. Joy = a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

    Would you define what “drunk” means to you in your question?

  3. We can be filled with the Holy Spirit. Not comparable to drunkenness which is sinful.

  4. 2 different things I believe. The joy of the Lord is experiences as gladness in your spirit. It’s a satisfying feeling that overcomes your fleshly circumstances. If your in a good mood and you stub your toe and you sort of just brush it off and it doesnt wreck your mood. That sort of gladness that stays with you even when some bad news comes to you. That is the Hily spirit running things and is the joy of the Lord.

    Getting drunk on the spirit is want happens when you are trying to get in touch with happiness in your body. It is a physical manifestation of a moment of hysterical laughter. Churches will do this while speaking in tongues, which is also them trying to manifest some gibberish words into meaning. Nothing comes of this. This does not connect to the holy spirit. It is just people trying in vain. It’s weird and fun while doing it, but exhausting and makes no connection to God. Many who come out of churches like this, say its demonic.

  5. I find nothing in the KJV that says drunk on The Holy Spirit or refers to such anywhere, so I say no. You can be so joyful that one may think you are drunk, but you are not. You are just joyful in The Spirit or prophesying in The Spirit. Filled with His fruits.

  6. What you are referring to is called Holy Laughter and Slain in the Spirit. I researched the Toronto Blessing and The Holy Bartender while in Bible college. Typically the other manifestation is wind blowing or wind noises. The spirit is not the author of confusion. I did a research paper on this topic. I concluded that the manifestations were extra biblical. Drunkenness of the spirit where believers are stumbling around and having slurred speech like in the Toronto Blessing I concluded were anti-biblical.

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