Reflections  on Frank Hammond

Reflections on Frank Hammond

eliverance from evil spirits has always been available 
for God’s people. Jesus, by example, performed His 
mission to “set the captives free” when He walked 
among us. Before His ascension He passed the torch of 
liberation to His followers. Throughout history the 
church at large has never fully negated the role of Satan 
and his cohorts in the lives of believers. Whether the 
formal role of exorcist in the Catholic tradition, or the 
struggles of John Bunyan’s pilgrim, no devout believer 
would deny that opposition and oppression of the 
fiercest kind has always existed. 

What has been lost, however, is the specific ministry of 
casting demons out of hurting believers. It is clear to 
the church that the end is near, and along with the 
coming events great Satanic activity. Satan knows that 
his time is short. It is no coincidence that beginning in 
the late 1960’s the Holy Spirit began equipping the 
saints with more specific knowledge of deliverance. 

This knowledge has spread ever so slowly, but in ever 
increasing ways. It has become obvious to those in the 
deliverance ministry that the flesh must not only be 
crucified, but the demons also cast out. As this age 
draws to a close the church is seeing increasing chaos 
in people’s lives. Whether in the areas of evil spirits, 
generational curses, destructive soul ties, or evil 
territorial dominion, God is equipping His people to 
deal with such forces, and to walk in victory. 

Pigs in the Parlor was a landmark book and has 
continued to be a source of revelation for thousands 
who desperately desire freedom from bondage. 

This edition celebrates more than 30 years of Pigs In 
The Parlor being in print. When first published in 1973, 
there were very few books on deliverance and spiritual 
warfare in print. At that time, Dr. Derek Prince and Don 
Basham were active in deliverance, and although they 
had published books on demonology there was little 
work available on ministering deliverance. They 
informed me that they had no plans for writing such a 
book, and Dr. Prince suggested that I should write the 
book myself. This idea was laughable as I had never 
written a book, and it had never crossed my mind that I 
should - or could - write the practical guide to 
deliverance that we envisioned. After all, my wife Ida 
Mae and I had been involved in deliverance ministry 
for only five years. 

I began to develop various topics on deliverance which 
eventually became chapters. The last chapter written 
was “The Schizophrenia Revelation.” Ida Mae had only 
recently received this revelation, and we were 
beginning to see how applicable it was to most of the 
people who came to us for deliverance. At first thought 
I considered doing research on schizophrenia, since we 
were not schooled in psychology or psychiatry. The 
Holy Spirit stopped me as I took my first steps toward 
the library. He said, “1 do not want what I have given to 
be mixed with what the world thinks.” So, the chapter 
was written just as Ida Mae received it from the Lord. 

All the time while I worked on the manuscript the devil 
was whispering in my ear, “You’re wasting your time; 
no one will publish it. Even if it were published, no one 
will read it.” God’s Word tells us that the devil is a liar 
and “there is no truth in him” (John 8:44). Time has 
proven how right this is, because over a million copies 
of Pigs In the Parlor have been distributed, and the 
book has been published in eighteen languages! Pigs In 
The Parlor has been listed in the top ten best selling 
books within the Charismatic marketplace. For several 
months it has been at #1. 

God supernaturally led us to Bill Banks and Impact 
Christian Books as our publisher. I had no clue as to 
how to go about getting a book published, however I 
had read a testimony of Bill’s miracle healing from 
terminal cancer in an Aglow Magazine. The article 
mentioned that he had a publishing business. The Holy 
Spirit spoke to my heart ever so clearly, “Send Bill 
Banks the manuscript.” Unknown to me, Bill Banks was 
also involved in deliverance ministry. While reading 
the manuscript he received a “key” on how to minister 
to someone who was coming to him to be set free from 
demonic oppression; this was his confirmation for 
publishing the book. So began a close friendship which 
has lasted more than thirty years. As Paul Harvey 
would say, “Now you know the rest of the story.” 

Our vision has always been beyond individual 
deliverance; we have labored to help pastors and 
churches establish deliverance ministry in local 
churches. We praise the Lord for the expansion of 

involvement that we have witnessed. There is currently 
a surge of fresh interest in deliverance impacting 
denominational churches as the scriptural basis and 
practical need for deliverance is recognized. We thank 
God for thrusting us into this fruitful field. 

- Frank Hammond 

In Honor of 

Frank & Ida Mae Hammond 

The Authors of PIGS IN THE PARLOR 

Frank Hammond has ministered personally to 
thousands of people around the world and to many 
thousands more through his anointed books. Ida Mae 
joined him often in ministry and was an anointed 
worker for the Kingdom. Ida Mae went home to be with 
the Lord on June 8,1997. Frank went home to be with 
the Lord and his wife on March 17, 2005. 

Their standard-setting book on deliverance, Pigs in the 
Parlor, has reached over 1 million readers. It has been 
responsible for setting many captives free as well as 
opening eyes to the need for deliverance in the Body of 
Christ. Their work has influenced countless others 
through churches and ministries inspired by their 

We miss their gentle natures and their servant-hearts. 
We also rejoice that the truths in their books will 
continue to set many captive frees. 

If you really believe JESUS delivered people from evil spirits... 
Then you owe it to yourself to read this book! 

Learn that it still happens today! 

This Nxik contains a wealth of practical information lor the person 
interested in, planning to engage in, or actively engaged in the ministry 
of deliverance. 

It is a PRACTICAL HANDBOOK, offering valuable guidance as 
to determining... 

• How demons enter 

• If deliverance is needed 

• How deliverance is accomplished for others and self 

• How to retain deliverance 

• Groupings of demons 

(listing those demons that are often found together! 

The hook also includes a chapter presenting a revelation on tire problems 
of SCHIZOPHRENIA which could revolutionize the way this subject 
has been traditionally viewed by the medical profession! 


Frank and Ida Mac Hammond were both brought up in solid Christian homes 
in eastern Texas. Frank, an ordained Baptist minister, held an A.8. degree from 
Baylor University and a 8.0. degreo from Southwestern Baptist Theological 
Sominary in Ft. Worth Ida Mae attended East Texas Baptist College and 
Southwestern Sominary. Frank and Ida Mae engaged in pastoral ministry for 
over thirty years, 

The Hammonds found their ministry taking on new depths and direction 
after experiencing the baptism in the Holy Spirit. They traveled extensively 
throughout the United States and abroad, ministering with a major emphasis in 
the area of deliverance. 

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