Reflections  on Frank Hammond

Reflections on Frank Hammond

eliverance from evil spirits has always been available for God’s people. Jesus, by example, performed His mission to “set the captives free” when He walked among us. Before His ascension He passed the torch of liberation to His followers. Throughout history the church at large has never fully negated the role of Satan and his cohorts in the lives of believers. Whether the formal role of exorcist i... »

Chapel February 13, 2018 | Jerome Hammond

Chapel February 13, 2018 | Jerome Hammond



“Do not be far from me, my God; COME QUICKLY, GOD, TO HELP ME. As for me, I WILL ALWAYS HAVE HOPE; I will... »

Christianity is going somewhere

Christianity is a faith that is going somewhere. There is an end to what we known as the Church Age. What is the purpose... »

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