Stepping aside

I thought the hardest part of working at Asbury would be NOT putting together services and NOT teaching from the podium. Today, that misconception went out the window. As Holly and I attended our first Sunday at Asbury, something incredible happened: we found ourselves in a sacred space. I know that this may sound weird as I have worked in a Church for the past 7 years, but today I was aware of the sacredness of the worship gathering. As the Pastor and the staff on stage talked about the Church's mission, both in Huntsville and in upcoming mission trips, I found myself connecting to something bigger than me. As I was sitting there listen to the songs being sung about not needing anything that the world has to offer and surrendering all to Jesus, I found myself desiring nothing more than to be at work, behind the scenes if necessary, making sure that this eager group of believers accomplishes their mission of working with God in what God is doing in the World. I cherish the idea that I can join with this group of believers and do what I can to see that the Kingdom of God is at work in the life of the people of Asbury.