99¢ Deal

The Kindle version of The Descent to Compassion is now on sale for only 99¢. The sale runs from August the 18th until August the 25. You can follow the link and get your copy. If you want to bless someone you can gift a copy buy clicking on the “gift” option. Thanks to everyone […] Related posts:Time Off My Book Free Today Only!–It’s My Spiritual Birthday Free ... »

LIVE DEBATE: James White vs Michael Brown on Predestination and Healing

Live debate on Predestination and Election Join us on Friday, January 24, at 4pm-6pm EST for a live debate between Dr. Michael Brown and Dr. James White. They will debate the doctrine of Predestination and ask: Did Christ die for all? The debate will be live-streamed again at 9pm EST. Live debate on Divine Healing Come back again on Saturday, January 25, at 4pm-6pm EST for a live debate between Dr... »