Lee University Centennial Celebration

Lee University Centennial Celebration

Why come celebrate with us? “We are our history.  How we got here says a lot about who we are right now in 2018, so the 100th anniversary is the perfect time to take all of that in.” Bible Training School opens on January 1st with Reverend Nora Chambers as teacher. Of the 12 students enrolled, only 6 remain at the end of the term. Tuition is $1 per week. In 1919, a correspondence cours... »

Doctrine of Free Will among Bulgarian Protestant and Pentecostal Believers

Historical and Doctrinal Formation of Holiness Teachings and Praxis among Bulgarian Pentecostals (Research presentation prepared for the Society of Pentecostal Studies, Seattle, 2013 – Lakeland, 2015, thesis in partial fulfillment of the degree of D. Phil., Trinity College) Another peculiar characteristic present among early Pentecostals around the globe was the subject of fre... »

Lee University Leadership Commitment to Doctrinal Integrity

Lee University Leadership Commitment to Doctrinal Integrity You are signed up to receive updates from the Faith News Network ... »

We Remember Alpha Lee Carswell; Father-in-law of Grady Murphy

APRIL 24, 1930 – MARCH 31, 2022 IN THE CARE OF Pendry's Lenoir Funeral Home Alpha Lee "Dude" Carswell, age 91, of Lenoir, North Carolina, passed away on Thursday, March 31, 2022. Alpha was born April 24, 1930, in Caldwell County to the late Lee and Pansy Porch Carswell.  He is survived by his wife [...] »