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Tuesday Twitter: 2014 #ourCOG Archive

“Dexter Lake Church @dexterlakechrch 30-Dec-14 Bobby Maya #ourCOG @COGHQ @michigancog @ourCOG #Gospel #Bible #Jesus #ministry #battlecreek #Michiganpic.twitter.com/poHlbJYGzL” “ourCOGâ„¢ @ourCOG 30-Dec-14 Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant 2014 #ISIS TIMELINE [Part 4] #ourCOG Roundup – http://ourcog.org/islamic-state-of-iraq-and-the_levant-2014-timeline/ … #ourCOG pic.twitter.com/jGBMma6Etr “Dexter Lake Church @dexterlakechrch 29-Dec-14 Bobby Maya #ourCOG @COGHQ @michigancog @ourCOG #Gospel #Bible #scripture #Jesus #ministry #preaching #battlecreekpic.twitter.com/V46HoGxrOE Actscelerate @Actscelerate 29-Dec-14 On Acts-celerate Now: The Church of God Person Of The Year http://ow.ly/GxJsH #ourCOG ourCOGâ„¢ @ourCOG […]

2014 Church of God Resolution on Biblical Stewardship

WHEREAS, Biblical stewardship is shown to be vitally important throughout the Bible by: the various Hebrew and Greek words for gift and give being used approximately 2,000 times; the words for offer and offering being used over 650 times; and in the New Testament alone, 42 different Greek words for giving and offerings being used over 775 times; and, WHEREAS, John clearly stated that the gift of God’s Son is the central theme of the gospel: “For God so loved […]

Measuring the Engagement

Taboola’s Senior Director of Audience Development, Chris Muller presents on Wednesday, November 4th at 11am ET during a webinar session on the importance of measurement in relation to engagement. We’ll take a closer look at a variety of metrics, breaking each down with descriptions and examples including bounce rates and what they mean for your […]

Can “Church” Really Happen Online?

We have all heard Jesus’ words quoted and misquoted a thousand times: “For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them” (Matthew 18:20, TNIV). But can two or three gather together if they are hundreds or thousands of miles apart? Can multiple believers fully and truly commune with each […]

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