It’s official: Hillary’s running for president

Clinton campaign chair: ‘it’s official: Hillary’s running for president’ Where would this lead the #CHURCH ??? Related items Thou shalt not commit… An Open... »

End of Privacy

In 2013, consumers will spend more time cleaning house, assuming that whatever they have posted on social media, what they consume and where they go will be public info — unless they actively seek to keep it out of the digital domain. Perhaps 2013 will see the rise of digital-jamming tools — software and hardware that acts a bit like “incognito mode” in Google Chrome. Not only can your own hardwar... »

Google Glass a Privacy Nightmare

Google Glass makes it easy for wearers to surreptitiously take pictures or video of unknowing subjects. That’s caused more than a few people to ask: What does Glass mean for our privacy? Now Congress, too, wants answers. Eight members of Congress’ bi-partisan privacy caucus sent a letter to Google CEO Larry Page Thursday seeking answers about Glass’ privacy implications: Will Gla... »

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn: Social Networking Security And Privacy


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