Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn: Social Networking Security And Privacy


Dr. George Voorhis: Church of God and eternal security

Dr. George Voorhis – Questions and Answers Session 1 2008-01-02-1900 Dr. George Voorhis talks this evening January 2nd, 2008 in the 7:00 evening service. He answers questions from the congregation  about the Bible and doctrine. Notes: – Education (Seminary etc.) – Question: What is the Church of God’s teaching on eternal security? – Creeds: Apostle’s, Nicene, Athanasi... »

It’s official: Hillary’s running for president

Clinton campaign chair: ‘it’s official: Hillary’s running for president’ Where would this lead the #CHURCH ??? Related items Thou shalt not commit… An Open... »

Security Official: It’s Legal to Spy on You Online

A tribunal ruled on Friday that intelligence sharing between GCHQ and the NSA before December 2014 was not lawful because of a lack of transparency. his is the first time the secretive Investigative Powers Tribunal, which oversees the actions of the UK’s intelligence services GCHQ, MI5 and MI6, has ever upheld a complaint against an agency and it follows a ruling in December that the UK inte... »

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