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Oxymoronic Signs: Prehistoric Humans & Jewish Atheists :: By Wilfred Hahn

One of the more widely used terms that this writer often encounters is “hunter-gatherers.” It is a name that applies to the sociologic evolution of mankind. A long way back—even millions of years ago apparently—homo sapiens lived like animals. Original... »

Wessly Lukose, Contextual Missiology Of The Spirit Pentecostalism In Rajasthan, India (Oxford, UK Regnum Books, OCMS; Eugene, OR, Wipf & Stock, 2013). Vii + 254 Pp. $24.80 Paperback.

book reviews 483 Wessly Lukose Contextual Missiology of the Spirit: Pentecostalism in Rajasthan, India(Oxford, uk: Regnum Books, ocms; Eugene, or, Wipf & Stock, 2013).... »

Why and How God Desires Marriage for Himself :: By Dave Cogburn

In my book, God’s Plan for Heaven, Eternity and the Universe Explained, I show that God’s ultimate goal is to have a wife, which is all born-again believers. We are now the “bride” of Christ, and following the rapture and our 7-year wedding ceremony, w... »

Prophecy Update: Unseen Realm…,

Update 8-24-22: Several weeks ago, I did a lengthy teaching on this topic of the Unseen Realm of Angels & Fallen Angels. That was Part 1 posted on August 3. In effect, the first teaching set the stage and provided important background information t... »