Explain our deeds justify us?

Explain to me, how our deeds justify us? Its Trust in Yeshua and in His grace. Yet we know that a person is set... »

Oxymoronic Signs: Prehistoric Humans & Jewish Atheists :: By Wilfred Hahn

One of the more widely used terms that this writer often encounters is “hunter-gatherers.” It is a name that applies to the sociologic evolution of mankind. A long way back—even millions of years ago apparently—homo sapiens lived like animals. Original... »

Wessly Lukose, Contextual Missiology Of The Spirit Pentecostalism In Rajasthan, India (Oxford, UK Regnum Books, OCMS; Eugene, OR, Wipf & Stock, 2013). Vii + 254 Pp. $24.80 Paperback.

book reviews 483 Wessly Lukose Contextual Missiology of the Spirit: Pentecostalism in Rajasthan, India(Oxford, uk: Regnum Books, ocms; Eugene, or, Wipf & Stock, 2013).... »

New Testament Survey 2nd & 3rd John 2