Is Apple Your God?

Everyone knows that Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL  ) has an insanely passionate following of shareholders and customers. Today, there may be confirmation that that passion has gone a bit too far. According to a recent paper published by college professors at York University and San Francisco State University, the Apple community is starting to much more closely resemble a religion (or even a cult) than a ty... »

Facebook, Google, Youtube, Apple and 5 Others Web Gaints Allow US Government to Access User’s Data


On Apple as a Religion

(This piece was originally published in Collect Magazine, Issue 2, in February 2011). As I write this, it’s nearing four on a weekday morning and I’m slumped in my office chair, bathed in LCD glow, waiting for Steve Jobs to arrive onscreen in trademark turtleneck and faded 501s and announce the future of everything, ever. On the web, bloggers lock in their final prognostications with blusterous ce... »

Anthropologist ‘confirms’ Apple is a religion

Think religion, think ritual: history, perhaps sacred writings, proscribed sets of moral laws, and potentially a sacrifice or two. There are plenty of organizations and cultures around the world that claim they adhere to a certain set of beliefs, but could adoration and a cult following for a technology firm be the next step? The University of British Columbia’s Dr. Kirsten Bell believes tha... »

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