World Missions Remembers Pastors in Latin America

With heartfelt sadness, World Missions announces the passing of several of our pastors from Latin America … a far too great a number. The Church of God in Paraguay has a great sense of loss in the death of Pastor Aner Veron, who was a pastor, teacher, district overseer, regional overseer, pioneer, visionary, and tireless [...] »

COGWM Remembers Bennie Triplett

Dr. David M. Griffis, Director of World Missions, and Dr. M. Thomas Propes, Assistant Director of World Missions, extend their deepest sympathy to the family of Reverend Bennie Triplett who passed away Sunday, December 15, 2019. Brother Triplett was a former member of the Church of God World Missions Board who loved and supported World [...] »

World Missions Remembers Rebecca Stephen Reddi

We are saddened to report that Rebecca Stephen Reddi, Pastor Jyothi Reddi's mother, overseer of Andhra Pradesh, India, has passed away. She was the widow of former overseer Stephen Reddi, who also served as overseer of the Church of God in Andhra Pradesh. Dr. David M. Griffis, Director of World Missions, and Dr. M Thomas Propes, [...] »

God Remembers

God Remembers

Lee University Campus Pastor Dr. Rob Fultz delivers a powerful word about how God his people during their time of need. His scripture reference is Exodus chapter 2, verses 23-25. 🛎 Subscribe to this channel for inspiring messages and powerful praise and worship:…. For more information about Westmore, visit Follow @westmorecog on socia... »

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