The Carpenter

I came across this picture of a burning candle with an opened Bible in the background. The room around the candle and Bible is completely dark, yet light and truth are beautifully displayed in the midst of darkness. The great prophecy of the ancient Hebrew Prophet Joel, quoted by the Apostle Peter on the Day [...] »

A Delightful Lifestyle

This painting of an old man giving thanks for his food is a remarkable work of art. I first posted the painting during the initial Covid-19 nationwide lockdown, when food shortages became real in the United States and a certain unfamiliar sense of panic began to be felt. The painting is simple, really. An old, [...] »

The Rapid Return

I have always been intrigued by the natural phenomena of lightning. The event itself is filled with contradictions. It is both beautiful and dangerous. It creates great light, but whether it strikes in the day or night, it comes out of darkened skies. It can kill quickly and burn horribly, but it adds nitrogen to [...] »

My Hope is in The Lion

Folks, my hope is not in a blue donkey, and neither is my hope in a red elephant. My hope is in The Lion....The Lion of the Tribe of Judah.....King Jesus, the Great High Priest Who sets at the right hand of the Father, and to Whom the Father has said, “ Sit here at [...] »