Your Burden Can Become Your Song

In looking at some pictures, I had taken while on missions trips, I was reminded of how the scripture teaches us to view our burdens and the unavoidable situations that life puts us in. The first photograph is of a man I saw in a city of India, riding his bicycle transport vehicle that was [...] »

Until Then

I have seen this beautiful sight, or so many just like it, from a plane window on many occasions. I have always thought upon viewing about the majesty and wonder of God, and the heavens He reigns over and quite honestly, our eternal abode, that all of us are so rapidly approaching. This morning, as [...] »

Reverend Zachary Vaughan

Reverend Zachary Vaughan is a career missionary to Japan. Donate to the Zachary Vaughan here. Project #065-0973 Give to this project »

Reverend Kevin Chapman

Reverend Kevin Chapman is a missionary evangelist to Southeast Asia. Donate to the Kevin Chapman here. Project #065-0975 Give to this project »