Month: November 2005


Hi Folks,You have got to get a tape or cd of the message from last night....Oh Boy!!! I told Dave I could see a twinkle in his eye before we started the worship last night....The message that the Lord brought us through Dave was awesome...I'm not going... »

Murtha’s lesson

It has begun. I hate to admit it, but I think that America will lose the war in Iraq and, eventually, any war we fight from now on. This country is beaten, and its people are no longer the Americans of history. It used to be that when the Americans sho... »

Thanskgiving, the third

I am thankful for the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. Our nation is different from all the other nations of the world because the Founding Fathers recognized and codified God as the source of our rights and life, ... »

A new day!

A new day!

Yes, we continue on with our excavation. We are nearing the end of the digging, and will proceed to lay gravel next. It looks as if we will start building in the spring. »

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