Fall 2022: Other Significant Articles

“The Rise of the Pentecostal Fusionists: They’re uniting Spirit-led worship with the riches of historic church tradition, says a leading charismatic bishop” Christianity Today (October 3, 2022). Pentecostal Theological Seminary (Church of God) professo... »

Church of God 2022 General Assembly Agenda

It’s that time of the biennium (or quadrennium since we lost the 2020 General Assembly in the pandemic) to consider the agenda of the Church of God. A recent additional input to this process is the newly started Church of God Scholars Blog. However, since I’m a) in the Church of God and b) a scholar but c) am not a Church of God scholar, I’ll stick with this forum to express my views. The agenda i... »

The Reflectionary – May 19, 2022

Last night, we had a group of about 20 or so young adults (18 – 25) in our living room for an “Ask Us Anything” session. Most of them are dealing with a lot of disillusionment and hurt from the church settings in which they’ve g... »

North Cleveland Live-Sunday, October 2, 2022

North Cleveland Live-Sunday, October 2, 2022

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