Chaplaincy Degree Offered at the Newly Accredited Bulgarian Evangelical University

As the school year began in Bulgaria on September 15, we have just received word from the newly accredited Bulgarian Theological University, formerly known as the Bulgarian Evangelical Theological Institute, that its United Church of God departments will offer a degree in chaplaincy ministry in the 2008 fall semester. This is a long awaited news   Read More ... »

Davids Sling The Promise And The Problem Of Pentecostal Theology Today A Response To D. Lyle Dabney

David’s Sling: The Pentecostal Promise and the Problem A Response Theology Today: to D. Lyle Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen and insightful University pneumatologist of Dabney Seldom,... »

GET the NEW 2023 Pentecostal APP – Stay Rapture Ready!

We are delighted to introduce our brand new Pentecostal Theology app for Android devices. The new app contains a host of new features, which... »

Pentecostal Reading List

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