How is COG Theology Different… from Pentecostal Holiness Theology, Congregational…

How is COG Theology Different… from Pentecostal Holiness Theology, Congregational Holiness Theology, etc? »

Prayer for UKRAINE

Prayer for UKRAINE

Please, join us in prayer for quite urgent request. Our team of volunteers strive to evacuate war refugees in Eastern Ukraine. Many cities haas been destroyed due to the shelling. Survivors – women, children, young people, need to be relocated where they can have food, water, warm shelter. We are raising $7000 to buy a   Read More ... »

Maidan was launched

«Antièkstremistskie» the laws enacted recently in the Parliament and is reminiscent of similar norms adopted by the Russian State Duma, have triggered yesterday’s rioting in Kiev. Fuel to the fire to kill the indecision of the “official” of the Ukrainian opposition, is not able at this stage to send Energy Independence in a constructive direction.   R... »

Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly Adopts Resolution Against Intolerance against Christians in Europe

(29.01.2015) On Jan 29, 2015, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted the Resolution: „Tackling intolerance and discrimination in Europe with a special focus on Christians“. The Observatory welcomes the resolution as an important Stepp into the right direction. The resolution was adopted with 67 votes in favour, 2 against and 15 abstentions.   Read More ..... »