Month: May 2006

Walk Number 3….

Great walk today, misty and wet but great.We walked through Ryvoan Pass to the bothy and then doubled back a bit then into the Cairngorms. The scenery was stunning and the cuckoo was my highlight. Pity Kriss and Ronnie couldn’t see it….


Sorry I haven’t written in so long, but nobody is big on blogs anyway. I got so bogged down by final exams and stuff, and then when I got home I started working at Paesano’s (which I love!). But anyways, I will try to write on my blog more! Talk to …

Evolution of Dance

Pulled this from my boy Travis. Though you might enjoy and reminisce on some of the moves you did at one time or another.****Disclaimer notice: Before trying these moves at home please consult your physician due to the fact that you may HURT something …