Month: March 2008

Dixon Research Center

Dixon Research Center

This is a segment from World Impact’s “Life in the Last Days” series. Taken from the “Living with Power” DVD, this clip gives some information as to what the Dixon Research Center really does. »

Pentecostal Pacifism

Just got an email from the great people at the PCPF (Pentecostal/Charismatic Peace Fellowship) about a new book that is out by Jay Beaman. The book is entitled "Pentecostal pacifism: The origin, development, and rejection of pacific belief among Pente... »

Change and Transitition

I recently attended a conference (Engage 21) that was addressing the issue of identifying emerging leaders. The purpose of the conference seemed to be an acknowledgment on the part of the denomination that with aging pastors in many pulpits there is a... »


Life is hard.Especially for people who stop to think about it. My skin is raw from trying to wash the "X" on my forehead off. »

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