Month: September 2008

“hi, i’m a middle school teacher!”

Well, once I defended my dissertation a few weeks ago I slipped into a much-needed virtual-realm-lethargy! And man did it feel nice! I now have 500+ emails in my inbox, dozens of Facebook wall posts and messages to reply to, a barren Twitter page, and a few silent weeks on the blog. After this vacation [...] »

The Word of Reconcilation

I have been thinking about the word/concept of reconciliation of late. Really it is more like I have been bombarded with it than contemplating it, seeing its evolution in others as well as in my own relationships. One of my mentors long ago when we wer... »

Alright, Just Take A Deep Breath

I have a confession to make (well, I have many, but let's start with one); it is easy for me to get worked up. Especially over church stuff! On one hand I think this is good, for it reflects my earnest passion that the church be everything the Lord w... »

Friend Day @ New Life Community Church

During worship today the question occured to me.... "what really matters to me". Things in this life that really matter to me. After about 5 min. Worth of thought. 1. Truth2. Sincerity 3. Wife4. Josiah and Hannah5. Honesty6. Being able to connect with GodI may add more to these later. Moved by God's presence,Kris Posted with LifeCast »

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