Month: October 2008

doing theology

Who does theology? In short, everyone does! And everyone is a theologian, even those who never realize it! Any thought that is related to the ultimate questions in life is inherently theological. Someone might say, “I have my Bible and the Holy Spirit. I pray to my God and He talks to me. I don’t […]

Weary With Politics?

I don’t know if you feel the way I do, but sometimes I just get tired of politics. I get tired of the exaggerated promises and the exaggerated attacks. I get tired the hyperbole and the hubris. I just get tired of it. I know it’s important to stay info…

East Tennessee Boy

If you have followed my blog for a few years, awhile back I posted about where my home country is. Yesterday Kim and I took a little trip up to the Cherokee National Forest and it reminded me again that I am an east Tennessee boy. We loved our time i…

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