Month: September 2009

Quote by Me

There are those that can see something way in advance and we call those people prophets.There are those who can see something before it happens, and we call those people wise men.Then there are those that can see something while is it happening, we cal... »

Non Sequitur

FROM THE BLOG OF M.D.MCMULLIN Non Sequitur is a Latin term that basically means “does not follow”.  It’s used when someone’s line of reasoning does not follow the trajectory already set.  In other words, someone’s conclusions make no sense based on the previous statements.  Some are obvious. “My uncle loves jelly . . .  I [...] »

Don’t Stop Believin…

FROM ROBALDERMAN.NET It’s 5am but I’m wide awake. There are two reasons for this. 1. Our son was crying and I got up to check on him. 2. I was dumb enough to watch the trailer for “Paranormal Experience” last night, and it was scary enough to keep me up. No lie. Just the trailer [...] »


FROM JERRY REDMAN’S FUTURELIFE I’ve been thinking quite a lot lately about the word “unique.” This is due primarily to the fact I keep running into senior pastors, church staff pastors, and other people in ministry leadership roles who are convinced of how unique their church, vision, ministry, tradition, denomination is. While I don’t know [...] »

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