Month: September 2010

Chronic Pain/Illness and Therapy

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?  You are not alone. Based on the fact that a high percentage of my clients seem to struggle with some issue of chronic pain or illness, I decided that this … Continue reading → »

Requirements for Righteousness: Grace and Faith-both Gifts from God

The Jews were still asking, “How can a man enter into the right relationship with God so that he too may inherit this great promise?” Their answer was, “He must do so by acquiring merit in the sight of God through doing works which the law prescribes.” That is to say, he must do it [...] »

Further Thoughts on Redemption…

We are certainly not as familiar with the original usage of redemption as we would like to think. (Pop culture loves to over use this term; leaning toward payback or comeback). Redemption refers to the practice of buying back prisoners of war out of their captivity. A stronger, larger enemy had them in a foreign [...] »

Take What the Defense is giving….

Leadership… Sometimes you have to let the game come to you. Take what the defense is giving. I’m not talking about battling the enemy. When facing Satan we are be aggressive and decisive. I’m speaking primarily about leading those God has entrusted to our care. As leaders we often have bold and daring visions of [...] »