Month: April 2013

Overlooked No More!

Have you ever felt overlooked? Have you ever been overlooked? The answer to both questions are probably a resounding, “Yes.’ In John Chapter 4, Jesus meets a woman at the well and takes away her feeling of being overlooked. She wasn’t overlooked because she didn’t have others around her; she was surround by people in [...] Related posts:God Is Never Absent In Your Life. Ho... »

Hiding Near Mt. Sinai at Pentecost

Hiding Near Mt. Sinai at Pentecost

Perry Stone teaches from Israel. »

Obama administration bypasses CISPA by secretly allowing Internet surveillance

Scared that CISPA might pass? The federal government is already using a secretive cybersecurity program to monitor online traffic and enforce CISPA-like data sharing between Internet service providers and the Department of Defense. The Electronic Privacy Information Center has obtained over 1,000 pages of documents pertaining to the United States government’s use of a cybersecurity program after f... »

Show me Thy Glory

Regardless of my 20+ years of ministry, I would have never understood this message until two years ago, when during a youth Bible camp in Bulgaria God showed up in a way we’d never experienced before. I wrote about this experience on a number of occasions consecutively in: Prophetic Restoration of a Nation and the [...] »