Month: May 2013

You Are A Meeting Place Of Heaven And Earth

You are a meeting place of heaven and earth if the Spirit of God lives inside of you. You are God’s temple. Everywhere you go your create a sacred space of His presence. Each of us stands individually, and yet at the same time, we don’t stand alone but rather we stand corporately as the [...] Related posts:Salvation Is Bigger Than Just A Heaven Or Hell Issue Bad Friday Does It Matter ... »

Restoring the Language of God

Restoring the Language of God

Perry Stone teaches from Israel. »

Does not being OK mean that you are not OK? A look at the Jason Collins story.

I have been listening for the past couple of days to the story of Jason Collins on sports radio.  For those who don’t know, Jason Collins was featured in Sports Illustrated as the first openly gay pro-basketball player.  You can read the article here.  The ironic timing has coincided with the release of Tim Tebow […] »

Is Faith Necessary For God To Do A Miracle In Your Life?

  Do you need faith for God to break into your life and do the unexpected? If you read all of Luke chapter 7, you will find the answer. Luke Chapter 7 is a beautiful portion of scripture of both faith in the heart of humanity and the absence of faith. God works in both [...] Related posts:Can God Be Astonished? The Miracle Of Opportunity Does Your Life Promote The Future? »