Month: December 2014

2014 Health Care Reform Timeline #ourCOG Roundup

Previously we posted a 2014 health care reform timeline. Here’s an updated timeline that provides a snapshot of the major health care reform provisions taking effect in 2014, with links to more information. These health care reform provisions include essential health benefits, the health insurance exchanges, individual premium tax credits, ACA fees, and the elimination of pre-existing condition exclusions. Are you ready for 2014? Health Care Reform Timeline – 2014 Health Insurance Exchanges (“Marketplaces”) are […]

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant 2014 #ISIS TIMELINE #ourCOG Roundup

October 2014[edit] 1 October: The town of Taza Kharmatho was retaken by Peshmerga and Iraqi Army forces, but remained uninhabitable, due to the booby traps that had been left by ISIL.[295] 2 October: The Turkish Parliament voted 298:98 to authorize anti-ISIL operations, following concerns over ISIL advances close to Turkey’s borders. Turkey will allow foreign anti-ISIL military operations to be launched from within its borders and gave authorization for Turkey’s military to be sent into […]

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