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Learning From the Prayers of Jesus – Part 3

Learning From the Prayers of Jesus – Part 3

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Galatians 2:8

[] Galatians 2:8 ellipsis lws39 at lws39 at Sat Feb 16 23:29:24 EST 2008   [] Is GRAFH in the singular used in Josephus or Philofor all the scriptures? [] Galatians 2:8 ellipsis Galatians 2:8O GAR ENERGHSAS PETRW EIS APOSTOLHN TH... »


The Church of God entered Togo (Togolese Republic) in 1992. The capital is Lomé, which is home to a population of 749,700 (2018), and is Togo’s only port. As a part of the World Missions project Send the Light to the Cities, the need for leadership development through education and training is overwhelming. Progress has [...] »

The Church Impacting society through the Areas of Influence

THE CHURCH – IMPACTING SOCIETY THROUGH THE AREAS OF INFLUENCE By Roydon Loveley THE CHURCH IN SOCIETY TODAY The Church should be seeking to influence and change society. Unfortunately the general perception of the church in the media is that it is irre... »