Month: June 2018

Throwback Thursday: General Assembly Agenda 2012: Item 15 WOMEN in MINISTRY

One item that was not fully resolved at the 2012 General Assembly Agenda in Orlando was WOMEN in MINISTRY. Item 15 expressed a general desire to permit women to be fully represented in all roles within the church. It was NOT a gender issue, but rather a leadership one – an issue of ministry and of responsibility, if you will. Coming from a long line of women ministers in the churches, one cannot be impartial to the issues involved in this item. […]

Church of God General Assembly 2018 Agenda: Actualization of a Global Context of Ministry

RATIONALE: The Church of God identifies itself as an international church in its scope, operation, and ministry (page 45, International General Assembly Minutes of the 76th International General Assembly). For this to be more than just words, we must practically contextualize this concept. The gifts of the Spirit and their operation in the church are not limited by national boundaries or cultural distinctions and neither should our ministries. This motion seeks to task the International Executive Council with the responsibility of actualizing a global […]

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