Month: August 2018

“The Anointing Makes the Difference” with Jentezen Franklin

David was the youngest of eight sons, and apparently no one saw greatness in him. When Samuel came to his house to anoint a king, David’s father didn’t even consider David as a candidate. He was just a kid out watching the sheep. But when David received the anointing, everything changed. The anointing made all the difference for David. And it still makes all the difference for us today… This is “The Anointing Makes the […]

When We Reach Out, God Reaches In (3 of 4)

At the recent 2018 General Assembly World Missions Conference, the topic of “When We Reach Out, God Reaches In,” could not have been more profound. Several pastors approached the subject by sharing testimonies of how this concept was experienced by them and their congregations. An obvious thread of truth runs through their testimonies. Barry Clardy […]

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