33. I am thankful for the SETBACKS in life…

This has been a week of "drama" in my life. Lots of drama--most of it unexpected and unwanted.

I left my good-paying job back in mid-March (I felt this was what the Lord was directing me to do), so I could prepare to start nursing school this Fall. I diligently sought other employment opportunities, and had about 20 interviews between mid-March through the end of April. I felt good about these interviews.

Two of these positions were particularly promising--to the point that I was offered employment by both facilities, with potential starts at both.

Those start dates have come and gone (more than one time). The agencies were simply waiting for the "position funding" to be approved. I was using all of my savings from my IRA to pay the monthly bills/obligations. I made sure that I was giving to the ministries of my local church also. I was excited about starting a new job, and starting a new phase of life.

I found out a few days ago (Thursday actually) that both positions are a "no-go" now. One position was eliminated because the "funding" (by a federal agency) was completely eliminated as of July 1st. The other position is the victim of an agency-wide hiring freeze.

So I am back at Square One. I have spent all of my savings (wisely, I hope) to pay the bills and not be a burden on anyone. Now I am down to my last $100 bucks, and find myself needing to pay bills again.

I have arranged for 3 interviews next week...and I've already had one emotional meltdown this week. I just know the LORD will provide a job, and resources...but may I ask you all to please FERVENTLY pray for me? I want to "trust and obey"---something the Lord reminded me of late last night...a song I learned in the second grade..."Trust and Obey, for there's no other way, to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey."

I'm thankful for the setbacks in life....even when these setbacks leave me scared and uncertain.