42. I am thankful for Dr Cheryl Bridges Johns..

Cheryl Johns is a communicator extraordinaire. She is a real scholar to all the would-be scholars, inside and outside of theological circles.

But more importantly, Dr Cheryl Bridges Johns is a loving, humble child of the Living God. She has shown me what JESUS looks like on more than one occasion. She has reminded me that CHRIST really does love me, and that I have a "place" in His service...regardless of where I am. (She's not the only person who has ever affirmed this in my life, but I AM writing about her...so let's keep the focus there...)

Twelve years ago this past March, she so graciously allowed me to "assist" with one of the great events I can recall: The first joint meeting of the Society for Pentecostal Studies and the Wesleyan Theological Society--held at our seminary (where I was a student at the time). What a glorious, glorious event! I offered my assistance in whatever ways I could be of use, and it was a most fulfilling, rewarding experience for me. Cheryl definitely kept me busy...and I pray that my contributions were worthwhile.

She and I disagree on a lot of things, but we agree on a lot more...she causes me to think, ponder, muse, meditate. My friendship with this wonderful woman of God has caused me to look at a much larger picture of the Body of Christ...and to realize that "every single member of this Body" has an important part to play.

She is a devoted wife, mother, and DOTING Grandmother--we must not leave that part out---and rightly so. She is a wonderful cook (have eaten at her house a couple of times), a brilliant speaker, writer, and dedicated servant of the people of God.

But, she is my friend. She has inspired me in ways that only Heaven will reveal.

I'm most thankful for her and this friendship from which we have both (hopefully) benefited.