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I stood beside the bed of a friend as the doctor's and nurses frantically worked to keep him alive. They had put unit after unit of blood into his body, but as they were putting the blood in, he continued to bleed out. His clotting factor was so low ... »

Anybody know what happened to Rome?

The national budget must be balanced. The public debt must be reduced; the arrogance of the authorities must be moderated and controlled. Payments to foreign governments must be reduced, if the nation doesn't want to go bankrupt. People must again lear... »


I am making the switch to wordpress. So, please feel free to update links and come visit me at,Chris »

I am selling my Polaris

I know that I usually have at least something decent to say. But, today I am wanting to sell my ATV. Drop me an email if you are interested. Here is the run down: 2007 500 EFI special edition with winch and Active Decent Control and Alum. rims with a... »