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After sharing the message on Vision Sunday on how God is calling us to STRETCH the tent curtains wide, I got stretched literally the next day.  Met up with a couple of guys from church to start a workout routine and all we did was mostly stretchin... »

70th Anniversary

70th Anniversary

The Danville Church of God is an international movement of Pentecostal, Evangelical Christians associated with the Church of God based in Cleveland, TN. This account is managed by the Multi-Media Department of the Danville Church of God. All inquiries regarding content shared by this account should be sent to Note: YouTube is a global forum for creative content producer... »

Why I Love The Rain

Everyone wants the sunshine."Oh, what a beautiful day," they say,as they pass by on the sidewalkheading to the parkor a baseball game."Isn't this the best weather?"they ask,unaware that there is -standing beside them -one who despises the very weatherthey so adore."Well, really..." I begin to say,"I wish it was raining."The air suddenly becomes tense,and a look of absolute horrorlights upon their ... »

How to Enable Your Team?