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Ron Luce: War Vet Who Saved Daughter ‘True Hero’

The Marine responsible for saving the life of the daughter of Teen Mania founder, Ron Luce, is being hailed as a hero. Hannah Luce was the only survivor of a plane crash in Kansas on Friday. Four people were killed when the plane went down en route to ... »

How to Deal with a Euroclydon

How to Deal with a Euroclydon

Perry Stone teaches from Israel. »

Answers Bring Muslims to Christ

Muslims from Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Algeria, Kuwait, Iraq, and Morocco are coming to Jesus as they have their questions about the Christian faith answered on air. One of Miracle Channel’s four weekly live programs that invite viewe... »

Activists Warn of Sharia Law Threat

There’s growing concern that shariah law is creeping into America, with some U.S. judges even citing Islamic law in their rulings. Activists are now working to shine light on what they call shariah’s war on women. A vast coalition met in Wa... »