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After Winnenden School Shootings – No More Paintball

It came out in the news today here in Germany that lawmakers will tighten the already stringent gun laws as a result of the Winnenden shootings in March. I couldn't help but think of our youth group in Charlottesville, VA (Matt Temple's era) and the days they would often spend playing paintball for "good clean fun." Winnenden massacre could lead to paintball and laser tag ban <!-- A... »

Up In The ATIK

Up In The ATIK

Just a quick heads up about some changes taking place in da’ Atik (our upstairs youth sanctuary) on Wednesday nights.  Starting last Wednesday, there will be three classes offered upstairs in which our young folks will participate.  Brett Fincher and I will be teaching the guys (9-12 and 13-18) and Jamie Fincher and my wife, [...] »

An Examination of 1 Timothy Chapter One

This is a response I posted to Bill Isaacs I posted on His Blog www.forwardleadership.orgI agree with you, Paul writes these letters to Timothy as a spiritual father to his son. The Holy Spirit has arrested Paul’s heart and called him to Macedonia t... »

ETSM represented at EPTA Meeting

Did you know there is a fellowship and joint research entity for Pentecostal schools and scholars in Europe. The European Pentecostal Theological Association (which is the European equivalent to SPS in North America) began many years ago. Our denominat... »