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The Challenge in the Church of God

The key to structural and financial survival is determined upon how much pain you are willing to endure to reach your goal? Another way of stating this is confronting the brutal facts of that are before us. I agree in part with what Travis is saying ab... »


The April newsletter from the school in Moscow is now online. »

It’s Late

It's late. Here I am, getting ready to catch some z's, and I feel the need to write more than the 140 maximum on Twitter. I read today in the daily journey through the Bible of David, when he was on the run from Saul. In 1 Sam. 25, David had sought the... »

The rediscovery

I have come home back to this blog. I will begin posting again over the next few weeks my current thoughts and ideas. For now recently I posted this about the Church of God's status on another blog question, “What is ... »