Calif AB appoints woman as D. O: Violation or progress?

Calif AB appoints woman as D. O: Violation or progress?

Stephen Darnell, Administrative Bishop for the Churches of God in California has officially appointed Pastor Sue Webb as a District Overseer in Southern California. Sue Webb is Pastor of the Chapel of Praise Church of God, a congregation of approximately 100, located in the Southern California town of Santa Paula.

The role of women in COG leadership was strongly debated at the last Church of God General Assembly. Afterward on Actscelerate, the topic and the General Assembly decision restricting women in leadership, was hotly debated for several weeks.

Possibly some will feel what the California AB has done is in direct violation of what the Assembly decided. Others will feel it is a progressive move whose time has come.

This writer was blessed to have a grandmother who was a preacher so I have no problem with women or their role in leadership. However, if this decision is found to be in violation of what COG people decided at the Assembly, it could not be viewed as progress.

What one feels about the California D.O. appointment may depend on their understanding of what the Scriptures say about the role of women, what the Minutes say and their perspective of what the Assembly recently decided.

One thing is ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN, the life and ministry of Pastor Sue Webb has been so exemplary until her fellow ministers have much confidence in her. Whatever the controversy about whether women should hold the office of District Overseer or not, she has had nothing to do with any of that controversy.

She has faithfully gone about her ministry duties fulfilling the Calling she feels God has placed on her life.

I tried find the website for the Chapel of Praise Church of God in Santa Paula, CA but didn’t find one. Also tried facebook for Sue Webb and for her church but did not find it.

That’s my opinion. What’s yours?


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