I can do that

I consider myself to be an expert at Pop-A-shot basketball. Too bad the camera hasn’t been running when I play at the local Chuck E Cheese (where I am a local legend). Basketball Rapid Fire – Watch more Funny Videos »

Church Planting 101

I was recently invited to spend a day talking with church planters and here are the highlights of that discussion–  There are lots of opportunities for failure in a church plant, but there is one that I see way too … Continue reading → »

Kathy’s update…11.13.10

Kathy’s update…11.13.10

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A Name Change and a Vision

You may have noticed that the name of this blog has changed slightly from “Riding Blind” to “Riding Shotgun.” I never meant to imply that God leaves us in the dark about His plans completely. After all, He gave us 66 books of meaty goodness to learn all about that. Mainly, the title simply meant [...] »