Articles worth reading.

Here are some great articles that I thought would be a good read for those who haven't come across them.God in our ClassroomsPigs at the TroughJ.C. Watts says Christians should repudiate extremist groupsJudge rules National Day of Prayer Unconstitution... »

Blackie Dixon and my Leia.

Blackie Dixon and my Leia.

Blackie and Dixon and my Leia. »

Stunning Revelations and Life Decisions or: My Summer/Fall 2010 Class Schedule.

I was in my advisor's office today, planning classes for the fall. It's freaking late for a junior to be doing that, I know, but I digress.While looking over my requirements, my advisor mused,"Right on track to graduate in May 2011.""Excuse me? I thoug... »

Final sermon checklist before go time

Here are 8 questions I ask myself about each sermon I speak before I hit the pulpit. It helps me stay focused on the immediate and trajectory of where I am taking my kids for the year. This is the template discussed at the leadership session at shabbac... »