The Great Commission Does Not Mean You Should Make Goals to "Save One Friend per Week."

At nearly every back-to-school youth group service and nearly every "rededication" service at youth camp, you can count on hearing a pastor say, "Go out there and save one friend a week for JESUS!" *cheers*I am here today to show that goals of "saving ... »

Chapel-Hating, Christian Education, Pastors and Theology, and Sucking at Calling or: All My Frustrations With Pastoral Types in One Easy Article!

Last week was Convocation. Now, I have been exempt from Convocation for the last two or three Convocation weeks. I play bass and sing in a worship band, and we have played Sunday and Wednesday night services and practiced every Monday night [and someti... »

Bike Seat Theft, leeHarmony, Inflammatory Lee Blog Crops Up, and DZT’s "The Hook-Up," or: My Thoughts are Super-Disorganized Today.

Someone stole the seat on my bicycle today. Thanks, God is watching.Apparently leeHarmony is becoming a huge deal on Lee's campus. The creator received permission from the real eHarmony to use the name "leeHarmony" so long as the site does not become l... »

Becoming a House of Prayer

Becoming a House of Prayer

Because of the fact that I am not always able to cover all of the prayer ministry training content in my seminars, I've decided to prepare a series of video clips to help seminar participants fill in the gaps.  Here is the first of those videos--a... »