Great Day

This one belongs on my other blog about being thankful, but here it is.  Cheryl and I took the day to try out her new car.  We drove over to Ellijay, Georgia and explored the antique shops.  We had some of the best barbeque I have eve had.  It was a great day.  We came home and bought groceries for our coming guests.  I stopped off at the hospital and sold a kidney to cover the check.

Back at Ellijay, I had a keen insight.  Visiting antique shops can mark the stages of life.  In my imagination I overheard a conversation. 

A young child asked his parents "what is that?"

They replied, "I'm not sure, but I think I saw one in my grandparents house."

The grandparent chimes in, "That's right; they used it for..."

Then there is me, thinking, "I could tell them what it is.  I bought one, still have it, and use it." 

That's my stage of life.