Holy Week

The Holy Week is the most significant period of time in all of history. During this single week, all of mankind was freed from the cold chains of death and enabled to overcome all things, including sin. During this week, we learn more of the Savior and of His true attributes than during any other period of His life. Though He was born of miraculous circumstances, though He healed the sick and raised the dead, yet no other event in His life stands in comparison to His atoning sacrifice that he performed during this week of weeks. Below are several of my blog posts relating to this Holy Week.

Pre-Holy Week Events
▪ Ash Wednesday – A Time of Preparation for Easter
▪ Holy Week Study Resources – Recommended books to study
▪ The Raising of Lazarus – Instilling in us a true hope

Palm Sunday
▪ Triumphal Entry – Seeking the true Messiah
▪ Palm Sunday – Our own acceptance of the Savior




Monday to Wednesday
▪ A Fruitless Tree – Will we likewise be fruitless?





Maundy Thursday (Last 24 Hours Timeline)

▪ The Last Supper – Significance of the final Passover
▪ Setting of the Last Supper – A possible seating arrangement
▪ Gethsemane – The atonement of Jesus Christ

▪ Olive Press – Significance of Gethsemane & the olive press
▪ Mighty Prayer – The powerful lessons from Jesus’ prayer
▪ The True Lamb of God – Christ is judged before the High Priest
▪ Sacrament & the Atonement – Insights into the Sacrament

Good Friday
▪ His Blood Be Upon Us – The irony of the people’s statement
▪ Whom Will You Have Me Release – Jesus & Jesus Barabbas
▪ Take up Your Cross – Let us each take our cross and follow
▪ Titulus Crucis: The King of the Jews – The title on the cross
▪ He Died For Me – A song I wrote about the Savior’s death

Black Saturday
▪ Day of Agony – Our own days of despair and darkness





Resurrection Sunday
▪ The Empty Tomb – The miracle of the resurrection
▪ He Has Risen – The true Passover Lamb died and lives again
▪ Our Road to Emmaus – Will we recognize Him on our road?

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