I Like Jesus…and Bourbon.


“I Like Jesus…and Bourbon.”

For a long time now, my tag on the interwebs has read, “I like Jesus…and Bourbon.”

The phrase dates back to the beginning of Troubletown records and a conversation that I had with my friend and business partner at the time, Casey Tuggle.

While I don’t remember every detail of the conversation, I do remember the essence. We were talking about the things that made Troubletown unique, and the biggest thing was that our artists lived in that odd crossroads where faith and culture collide. Not just any culture, but a sort of, not-quite-ancient America. (Dustbowl, not Founding Fathers)

I pointed out that yes, I am a Christian, and yes, I do love a glass of fine alcohol from time to time. (Note: I’m not pro-drunkenness, which I shouldn’t even feel the need to say, except that I don’t feel like dealing with the angry emails should I forget to mention it.)

More than anything, the statement is simply true, which is to say that, yes, I do in fact love Jesus AND Bourbon.

As Fall gets into full swing, I find my love of both seem to intensify, and I revel in spending time reading my Bible and when I can, sipping a fine Bourbon.

I remember the fall that Davis and I, in a fit of superb manliness decided to become “Bourbon Men”. Looking back, it is interesting the little paths we take in life. I suppose we could have decided on anything that night…to drink Scotch perhaps, or maybe Irish Whiskey. We could have, I suppose, even chosen something entirely different, like playing horseshoes or backgammon.

We drove to Chattanooga and purchased our first bottle of bourbon, which was Elijah Craig. I remember that we chose it for the look of the bottle and not because we knew one darned thing about drinking bourbon. We sat on the farm that night and forced ourselves to drink it, as it burned our tongues and ripped into our throats like razor blades. It wasn’t until much later that we learned some bourbons are meant to be cut with water. (Note: Elijah Craig and Water is FANTASTIC)

Since that beautiful Fall night, there has always been something special about purchasing my first bottle of fine Kentucky Bourbon each season. I never really know what it will be. Last year it was Woodford Reserve, and the year before that was, if memory serves, a limited edition bottle of Makers Mark.

Well, last evening, I bought my bottle for this Fall, and it was really fantastic. It’s called Buffalo Trace, and I heartily recommend it to anyone who enjoys an excellent whiskey.

It had brilliant caramel overtones and a musky-leather taste that was great straight, as well as when I mixed it with a bit of ginger ale. It was very smooth with the just the slightest bit of burn. It felt like the perfect companion for chilly Fall evenings.

Jesus, by the way, is also a great companion for Fall evenings. He is smooth…but without the burn.