I’m Ready for Some Football!!!

The long wait is finally over. The NFL season is here! Tonight marks the beginning to four months of hope, joy, frustration, and excitement. I love new beginnings. The New Orleans Saints proved last season that the previous season means nothing. Hope springs forth as us Browns fans ask once again, "Could this be our year?" Is Brady Quinn the savior we've been hoping for? Or, will we spend another season in football purgatory?

On the fantasy front, will a change in team name be the thing that puts me over the top in our keeper league? How badly will I dominate the new church league I just joined? Will it be a Gatorade bath and a trophy or another monumental waste of time?

As far as College FB is concerned, will the Tide roll? Is Saban the Messiah? Will my second favorite team go undefeated? (be sure to check that link!)

Man, it is good to be alive!