International Council, Council of Eighteen Set to Convene

Cleveland, TN—The biennial gathering of the Church of God International Council begins this Sunday, September 22 at the International Offices in Cleveland, Tennessee. Representatives from the major regions of the globe will come together to report on progress and challenges in the regions of the world. According to the MINUTES of the Church of God, the purpose of the International Council is, “To give greater involvement in order to support continued development of an international perspective in fulfilling the mission of the Church of God, and to ensure the sponsorship of ministries that meet the needs of persons of different cultural settings, the church must embrace a posture that includes both participation and representation in its general functions (Matthew 28:1 9; Mark 16:15; Acts 15:1-21). This posture should include specialized training programs and materials, opportunities for leadership experience, and open channels for new ideas. It should also provide a forum to discuss International General Council agenda items of concern to the international community and give opportunity for raising international issues for discussion.” Members of the International Council include: Mark L. Williams, General Overseer, David M. Griffis, First Assistant General Overseer, J. David Stephens, Second Assistant General Overseer, Wallace J. Sibley, Third Assistant General Overseer, M. Thomas Propes, Secretary General, Timothy M. Hill, Director of World Missions, John D. Childers, Assistant Director of World Missions, Anton S. van Deventer, Moderato[r], Full Gospel Church of God (South Africa), Jacob Nahuway, Overseer Indonesia, Kenneth Hill, USA Representative – African American, Carlos Moran, USA Representative – Hispanic, Jacques Houle, Canadian Representative, Peter Thomas, Field Director – Africa, Ken Anderson, Field Director – Asia/Pacific, Ishmael Charles, Field Director – Caribbean, Larry Hess, Field Director – Europe, David M. Ramirez, Field Director – Latin America, Charles Karangwa, Area Representative – Africa, Eriya Yatsuzuka, Area Representative – Asia/Pacific, Martin Brewster, Area Representative Caribbean, Martin Mutyebele, Area Representative – Europe, Julio Melendez, Area Representative – Latin America, and Tim Oldfield, World Missions Board Chairman. The International Council will meet in four planned sessions with an agenda that includes a state of the church report, ministerial advocate report, a report from the director of World Missions, and time for each of the five field directors and area representatives to present challenges and achievements. On Tuesday, September 24 the International Executive Council (Executive Committee + Council of Eighteen) will meet jointly with the International Council in their final session. The Executive Council will be in their regularly scheduled session starting Tuesday afternoon. – Source: uknown

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